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These patio photos were provided courtesy of Cornerstone Custom Concrete.
exposed aggregate patio Exposed aggregate patio with decorative border wet cuts
exposed aggregate porch Exposed aggregate porch and stairs
exposed aggregate Close-up of exposed aggregate. In this type of concrete, small rocks are exposed making a decorative look.

patio photos Stamped concrete patio in a canyon stone pattern.
patio photos Full view of the entire stamped patio and steps leading from the house.
Description of image Close-up of canyon stone pattern used in the above patio.

patio photos Stamped concrete patio in Italian seamless slate. A children's sandbox was added under the deck.
concrete patio designs Multi-colors were used in this patio. The base color is chestnut with splashes of brick red and expresso color hardener. Dark brown accents were added as well in the release agent. The border is acid-stained in ebony.
concrete patio designs This concrete patio was also stamped with the Italian seamless slate pattern, but in the color slate grey with a charcoal colored release agent.

patio photos Make your lake home a true vacation sanctuary with a patio overlooking the lake.
patio photos Close-up of round lake patio. A firepit was added to the center. This stamped concrete pattern is european fan in the color gun metal.

patio photos Stamped concrete patio in fractured slate pattern with multiple colors used.

patio photos Colored concrete porch in mesa with a regular broom finish, wet cuts and concrete riser.

patio photos Colored concrete patio in chestnut with a regular broom finish. Concrete patios are a great option underneath decks because it creates more livable outdoor space, and it is hard to grow grass or other vegetation under a deck.

patio photos Double colored concrete patios in chestnut with a regular broom finish.

patio photos Stamped patio in English Yorkstone pattern and desert tan color. For variety, the homeowner decided to color and stamp the borders in a different color and pattern.
patio photos Close-up of borders - stained mission brown over desert tan with Italian slate pattern and a dark brown release was used.

patio photos Stamped patio in random slate pattern and customer favorite, chestnut brown color. A darker brown was used in the liquid release to create various "highs" and "lows" in the color as is so common in natural stone.
patio photos Close-up of the above patio.

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›Patio Photos

› Patio Photos

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