Sledgehammer for Concrete Framing

A 3 lb mini sledgehammer is the tool of choice to drive support stakes for concrete forms into the ground. Many try to drive their stakes into the ground with a claw hammer, and soon discover that the wood splits and weakens after repeated blows. The wide striking face is more suitable for securing support stakes then a claw hammer.

An additional use is for breaking up existing concrete for removal. Here are some safety tips to be aware of:

  • Wear gloves (if you will be using for an extended length of time) to avoid blisters
  • Wear safety goggles - this is to avoid debris that may fly up
  • Grab the hammer with both hands, approximately 6 inches apart, and place your stronger hand on the top towards the head
  • Bend your knees slightly and lift the hammer up towards the shoulder of your stronger arm
  • Bring the hammer down in one quick movement, using the weight and gravity of the falling head to either drive the stake into the ground or break up the concrete below

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