Concrete Tools

Concrete tools needed from setting the forms to finishing:

Setting Forms

  • Claw Hammer
  • 3lb. Mini-Sledgehammer
  • Tape Measure - (should be heavy-duty, inch wide and metal)
  • Handsaw
  • Square - (to make sure corners are 90 degrees)
  • Heavy Duty String - (to be used as a guide for the forms)
  • Carpenter Level
  • Chalk Line
  • Carpenter Pencil
  • Nail Bag
  • Safety Glasses

Forming Materials

  • 2X4 Lumber - (make sure that it doesn't have any knots on the sides that will face the concrete)
  • Masonite forms for radius - rounded edges
  • Wood or Steel Stakes
  • Double-headed Duplex Nails
  • Expansion Joints
  • Plastic Drain Pipe - generally for garage floors, pool decks and any situation where the concrete can not be sloped to move water away
  • Rebar

Concrete Pouring and Finishing Tools

  • Concrete Rake - A regular garden rake won't do. Make sure it is a heavy-duty, sturdy rake.
  • Round Point and Square Point Shovel
  • Concrete Wheelbarrow
  • Concrete Knee Boards
  • Concrete Broom
  • Tamp
  • Concrete Edger - Walking or a Hand Edger
  • Concrete Groover
  • Concrete Boots
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Concrete Float
  • Pool Trowel
  • Concrete Trowel
  • Finishing Trowel
  • Concrete Fresno
  • Bull float - and extension poles so you don't need to walk on the concrete
  • Screed Boards - These are just straight 2X4's
  • Optional: Concrete Finishing Machine (power trowel)

Other Optional/Sometimes Needed Tools and Equipment

  • Concrete Vibrator
  • Concrete Buggy
  • Concrete Cutting Saw and Saw Blades
  • Concrete Curing Blanket
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Caulk
  • Concrete Dye
  • Concrete Floor Grinder
  • Concrete Screws
  • Concrete Screeds - a power screed

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